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Smeg ECF01 1950’s Retro Style Espresso Coffee Machine Blue

1 litre water tank 1350W 15 bar pressure Buy Now from Amazon

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How to Easily Make an Espresso, Macchiato & Cappuccino

How to easily make an espresso, macchiato & cappuccino with Smeg’s Espresso Machine! Smeg 1950’s Espresso Machine: http://www.smegusa.com/espresso-coffee-machine/ More recipes…

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SMEG Espresso Machine

SMEG Espresso machine features.

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The Steamer Cookbook

The perfect guide to electric or stovetop steaming includes information about equipment and recipes for steaming all kinds of foods:…

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The Rest of Me

‘Katie Marsh writes achingly beautiful, life-affirming stories that break your heart and refuel your hope’ – Miranda Dickinson. Perfect for…

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