Nespresso Vertuo Latte Macchiato | Nespresso Coffee Recipes | Vertuo Next Machine & Aeroccino 3 or 4

Making a Nespresso Vertuo Latte Macchiato Coffee with Aeroccino 3.

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This Nespresso recipe uses 50ml of milk frothed in an Aeroccino 3 milk frother with a 230ml mug sized vertuo capsule poured over the top. You could also use a Barista Creations capsule or you can experiment using your best Nespresso Vertuo capsule from the mug sized range.

We have also made a latte macchiato using the Vertuo Next machine in the past but we used a 40ml espresso capsule and an Aeroccino 4 to froth the milk. You can also use a Vertuo Plus to make this Nespresso recipe.

Anyway we hope this Nespresso Vertuo Latte Macchiato recipe makes it onto your list of best Nespresso Recipes and don’t forget to let us know if you would stir it in the comments! 😅

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