Review Nespresso Gran Lattissima Espresso Machine by DeLonghi EN650W Take 2 How to use

I’ve had nothing but problems with my first 2 Gran Lattissima machines. This is the third one and I go over the operation, for first timers, and re-evaluate the issues I’ve had with the previous machines. This one is actually already starting to do the same things that plagued the operation of the first two. I will be doing more follow-up videos to keep you abreast of the developments.

Gran Lattissima on Amazon:

Some of my favorite pods… I prefer dark roast, full-bodied coffee.
Starbucks pods:
Peet’s coffee:
Nespresso Fortissio Lungo:
Nespresso Kazar:
Café Bustelo:
Trader Joe’s Nespresso Capsules (They are much less expensive if you actually go to a Trader Joe’s to buy them):

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