Frothing milk – The basics (with the DeLonghi Dedica espresso machine)

I made a couple of videos about this machine and I see that some people struggle with the milk frothing process, so I decided to make this video and try to help visualise it, hopefully making it easier to understand.
The most common mistakes are to make too big bubbles or just heating the milk with little foam. We need to find the happy medium. This requires certain skill that can only be acquired through practise.

Note: I mention that tapping is not necessary, and this is true when using a pressurised filter. Tamping may have some effect, but the coffee pressure will be set by the filter itself which is calibrated for the “optimum” pressure to brew the coffee.

For a more in detail video of frothing milk for latte art please watch:

I recommend make a non pressurised filter for this machine. This will drastically improve your coffee drinking experience. I made a how to video here:

Thank you for watching!

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