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MonteDoro Espresso Cartridges for LavAzza Pint Matinee Gusto Classico

We import from Italy .
Montedoro Caffe` is a very popular Brand and great Quality in Italy.
We Have a whole line of coffee for every need, we carry Ese Pods,Beans, Ground,Cartridges (Capsule) For only LavAzza Point Machine.
Espresso Cartridges are 6gr makes one cup of espresso.
One boxes contains 100 Cartridges (Capsule) individually wrapped .
The day end, the passion for coffee continues .
Passion for the mind,the excellent taste for the connoisseur.
Montedoro caffe` Gusto Classico is the coffee for refined palates,appreciated in the moments of intense relaxation.
This coffee Roast is with 80% Arabica & 20%Robusta

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