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Breville BES920 Coffee Machine reviewed by product expert – Appliances Online

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The Breville Dual Boiler coffee machine is basically a miniature version of the commercial espresso machine at your favourite café. As the name implies, it features two boilers, allowing you to make coffee and steam milk at the same time, all at just the right temperature.

The BEP920 has a classic and compact design, and there are a number of different finish options, including stainless steel, black and red. The digital controls let you prepare coffee with exact precision, so whether you’re making them manually by hand, or running one of preset programs, you’ll still enjoy consistent quality.

On top of the machine is the cup warming surface, with enough room for 6 coffee mugs. Remember that if you pre-heat your mug before pouring an espresso, you’ll lose less heat from your coffee and enjoy a more consistent flavour.

If we open up the flap at the front, this is where you can refill the machine’s 2.5 litre water tank. You can tell when the tank needs a top-up by keeping an eye on the backlit water level indicator, just behind the group head. The LCD control panel will also flash a reminder if the tank is empty, or when the machine needs cleaning.

To quickly make a cup or two of coffee, just prepare your grounds, press the One Cup or Two Cups button, and the machine will do the rest for you. You can adjust these programs to better suit your preferences using the controls on the left. Otherwise, you can press the Manual button and then use the electronic controls on the left hand side to set your drink’s custom temperature and volume.

After preparing about 200 shots of espresso, an alert will appear on the LCD display reminding you to clean the machine. When this appears, you just need to insert a cleaning tablet and the included cleaning disc into the filter basket, then select the self-cleaning cycle from the control panel, and over the next 6 minutes, the machine will handle the rest.

As well as making espresso shots with the portafilter, and steaming milk with the 360 degree steam wand and the right hand lever, you can also pour out instant hot water from spout behind the steam wand, simply by turning the dial on the left. This can be handy for making tea or cups of soup, or even quickly preheating a cup before making espresso if you haven’t been using the cup warmer.

At the base of the machine, you can easily open up the drip tray for cleaning. And just inside, you can find the on-board storage space for some of your coffee tools.

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